Friday, April 26, 2013

Installing Apex Listener 2.x

In this example i am installing Oracle Apex Listener 2.x and integrating into Glassfish 3.2.
 This article only covers installing listener  correctly so when you deploy it into Glassfish it works properly.

( in some of my attempts I kept getting java.lang.IllegalStateException: PWC3990: getWriter() has already been called for this response) errors.

Assuming you already have Oracle Apex installed.

1. as user oracle create directory apex_listener
2. cd apex_listener and download
3. unzip
## setup configdir -jar apex.war configdir /home/oracle/apex_listener
[host$ java -jar apex.war configdir /home/oracle/apex_listener
Apr 26, 2013 2:39:52 PM oracle.dbtools.common.config.cmds.ConfigDir execute
INFO: Set config.dir to /home/oracle/apex_listener in: /home/oracle/apex_listener/apex.war

## configure database connection properties -jar apex.war setup
Apr 26, 2013 2:40:28 PM oracle.dbtools.common.config.file.ConfigurationFolder logConfigFolder
INFO: Using configuration folder: /home/oracle/apex_listener/apex
Enter the name of the database server [localhost]:

Enter the database listen port [1521]:1521
Enter 1 to specify the database service name, or 2 to specify the database SID [1]:2
Enter the database SID [xe]:SID-NAME
Enter the database user name [APEX_PUBLIC_USER]:
Enter the database password for APEX_PUBLIC_USER:
Confirm password:
Enter 1 to enter passwords for the RESTful Services database users (APEX_LISTENER,APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER), 2 to use the same password as used for APEX_PUBLIC_USER or, 3 to skip this step [1]:2
Apr 26, 2013 2:41:12 PM oracle.dbtools.common.config.file.ConfigurationFiles update
INFO: Updated configurations: defaults, apex, apex_al, apex_rt

6. Log in to Glassfish server and deploy newly created apex.war file

Once deployed you can access your Apex page via Glassfish.

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